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Jainism is divided into two major sects, digambara and svetambara these are further divided into different sub sects and traditions, while there are differences in practices , the core philosophy and main principles of each sect is same. Aatma channel aims in spreading the message that we all are the devotees of lord mahavir and jains are one. Aatma channel , a 24x7 hindi devotional channel in india was launched onnov,2016. In very short period it become very famous in jains and followers of lord mahavir. Aatma channel based in ludhiana is widley watched among jain devotees who love its devotional programmes and live telecast ofjainism's ancient doctrines preached by renowned saints.aatma channel brings home to viewers programs that prescribe the path of non-violence through their holy devotional segments.

Aatma channel is spreading the message and traditions of the ancient jain religion among the new genration through modern media technology.